The Engineering Process at TWI

The engineering process is a series of steps that engineers must follow to find a solution to the issue. This involves finding the goal, determining constraints, designing, building and testing. This is an essential part of every project at TWI and it helps us to ensure that our projects have high performance and safety standards. This is especially important for New York City project as they must be in compliance with strict requirements.

Students investigate the issue to better understand the issue and gather data. This is an open-ended, student-centered approach to science that reorients classrooms away from traditional instruction.

Students brainstorm ideas for solving the problem. This can be done by using software, whiteboard writing or even discussions. It’s okay if certain ideas don’t work. You can try other methods and test them.

After studying the findings of their research and brainstorming, the group selects one solution to create and build. This can be on paper, with CAD software, or by creating the creation of a prototype that is physical or virtual. This is a thrilling step for students as they create something tangible to help steps of the engineering design process students test their ideas.

This is where the rubber meets the road for engineers, as they must remain within the limits which are imposed on them like cost time tools, resources, and many more. Engineers also need to keep in mind that their solutions must to be secure and efficient to be able to be utilized in real life.

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